Technical Report Writing Course

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The value of �inspecting� the drawing prior to installing!

Technical Report Writing Course

This course prepares candidates to write proper reports of examinations/inspections performed.
Why is it important?
Whether you realize it or not, the report you just wrote is a legal document and can mean the difference between being held legally liable and going to the big house, or being good to go. All reports need to be based on facts and code or owner/user specifications; and not on opinions or on examinations/inspections that were not performed.
Properly written, needed repairs are easily justified and you don't go to jail.

Technical Report Writing Course

� More knowledgeable as an Inspector

� More concise and accurate reports
� Better reputation
� More employable

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DTM Enterprises, 2603 Dupont Pasadena, TX 77503
Phone: 281-330-9542
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Students are responsible for obtaining their own Code books.
API now using electronic testing & code books

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