DTM Enterprises: Over 35 yrs fabrication experience & 18 years training experience. Our instructors have over 50 yrs inspection experience combined.
DTM Enterprises:  Technical Training, Fabrication, and Inspection Specialists.  Developing Team Members.
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Self Study

DTM Enterprises Study Guides offer quality prep course material for API and CWI self-study.  Our Exchanger Book, and Tower Book sets are also available.

API 510, API 570, and AWS-CWI Self Study

We offer the API 510, 570, 653, and AWS-CWI  as self study, for the more disciplined individuals desiring to take the tests. 


Order Self Study

The Self Study is designed for individuals who are self-disciplined enough to study on their own and do not necessarily need the lectures associated with the material.

API trainees receive the textbook, Code Bok tabs, quizzes over each document and three Mock Exams.

Individuals pursuing the CWI certification receive the text book,  tabs for API 1104,  quizzes over each lesson , one 224 question Mock Exam over the fundamentals and three Mock Exams over API 1104 and Part B.


· Quiz over each Lesson

· Tabs for your Code Books

· Exercises over each API document

· Exercises over the ASME documents

· Three Mock Exams (CWI has one exam)

· Express mail once payment is received


To contact us:

Phone: 281.330.9542

E-mail: david@dtm-enterprises.org


DTM Enterprises:  Technical Training Specialists, Pasadena, Texas
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